Unlimited shades

We offer a wide range of colour shades to suit every need, every mood, and every occasion. With an assorted range of palettes, the numerous colours offered by us are the most diverse than anywhere.


The nail polish industry regularly demands something new search every season we bring interesting special effects made with different kinds of additives source from around the globe and matching with the latest trends in the industry.

5 free lacquer

Our Nail Polish is extremely safe and free from a list of 5 common chemicals that are proven to be harmful to the nails. These 5 chemicals are Toluene, DBP, Camphor, Formaldehyde, and Formaldehyde Resin.

Long-lasting texture

Our colourful nail polish leaves a lasting effect on the nails. This texture is extremely smudge-proof and long-term.

short drying time

Our Nail Polish is formulated with a quick-drying technology and takes very little time to dry.

smooth effect

Our Nail Polish gives a smooth and shiny effect that gives a silky finish and a rich texture to the nails.

non yellowing

Our Nail Polish does not contain DBP, a hard plastic-sitting on the nails that deprives them of Nutrients and turns them Yellow

PErfect covering

Our Nail Polish delivers perfect coverage and a glossy -finish to the nails in just two strokes

customization possible

Besides all the above, if you have something special in mind – some special shades or some special effects,  we will try to customize it for you