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Extra gliding and smoothing

Our Lipsticks glide on the Lips with perfection. An innovative silicone elastomer and extra-emollient components in these lipsticks give a comfortable and smooth application.

extreme lasting

Our Lipsticks generate a long-lasting effect and are suitable to wear in any season. They also provide ultimate protection to the Lips.

Immediate color release

Our super-rich and ultra-pigmented Lipsticks dress up the Lips with an astonishing, pure, and saturated colour. You feel the immediate colour release and pay-off, since the first application.

doesn't dry lips

Our Lipstick has immediate moisturizing activity on the Lips due to a unique combination of Exotic  Butters, Vitamin E, and a Moisturising Active.

high coverage

The excellent coverage of our Lipsticks give a proper and firm appearance to the Lips. The Lips look perfectly sculpted with a fully-solid texture after application.

Homogeneous film

The perfect combination of new generation film formers used in our Lipsticks add a protective cushion-like layer to the lips