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About Us

NV COS is an associate company of N V Organics Pvt Ltd, which has a focus on Natural, Safe, and Organic ingredients.  We operate in India, Nepal, Bangladesh and Srilanka and we have been doing it successfully for more than 20 years.

Our Products/services

We offer the following services for both Lip-care products and Nail Paints.
Semi-finished: Bulk Orders - to be filled by you
Full service: Ready to Sell product.

Benefits of nV COS

You have the option to choose from standard formulations and we can also customize the formulation as per your requirements. The customization is done complimentary if the scope of the work allows that. However, if the scope of the work is bigger then we charge a modest fee for the formulation and technical product development.

Our clients

We have a kind of NDA signed with each of the customers that we serve. Hence we do not share the names of our customers especially those who are buying a semi-finished product and doing the filling at their end.

Where in case of finished full-service products, our information is already there on the packaging. As such the names of some of those customers, we are giving here as a reference
one of nvcos's lient.
one of nvcos's lient.
one of nvcos's lient.
one of nvcos's lient.
one of nvcos's lient.
leaf image depicting 100% natural product.

Inspired by nature

not tested on animals

free from controversial chemical.

no controversial chemicals